Ugly Secret At The Grand Canyon

Abuse of pack animals at the Grand Canyon Vegas Rock Dog Radio

The Ugly Secret At The Grand Canyon

The Ugly Secret At The Grand Canyon
My guest today is Susan Ash the co-founder of SAVE. SAVE stands for Stop Animal ViolencE. They’re a compassionate and dedicated group of volunteers advocating for the welfare of the pack horses, mules and donkeys on the Havasupai Reservation in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place with an ugly secret that’s been going on for decades. Yes I did say decades and we’re going to further expose what that is on today’s show and how you can help the pack animals.

Rarely do I post a graphic photo but I felt it necessary to convey how bad the abuse is. I hope this post is shared far and wide and has an impact on anyone thinking of using pack animals to see the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Together we can help these innocent animals.

Havasupai pack animal abuse Grand Canyon



Press Release
SAVE’s co-founder Susan Ash was contacted last summer by Equus regarding their film festival which is all about horses. The Equus film festival premieres in November, in New York City. At the conclusion of the festival the stories and documentaries are put on social media, and then the festival goes global. This week SAVE’s mission to end the abuse of the Havasupai Horses will be part of the Equus film festival. The suffering of these pack animals will be seen and heard by a global audience. We know everyone who sees this will be as outraged as we all have been. We are very excited and grateful to Equus for this opportunity.

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