Trust Me, I’m A Raw Feeder By Kimberly Morris Gauthier

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 Trust Me, I’m A Raw Feeder

I’m sure many of you have seen the BBC Scotland video about Trust Me, I’m A Vet. In the video a veterinarian says she hopes raw feeding is simply a fad. Frankly, I was stunned at such a poorly put together piece and the glaring lack of information. It annoyed me. I felt it was irresponsible to not give a full story and push a message that raw feeding is something to fear.

The first person that popped into my mind after watching the piece was Kimberly Morris Gauthier. Kimberly was a guest of mine last year. She’s a raw feeder, nutritionist, and a writer. Her blog, Keep The Tail Wagging has become the go-to resource for people who feed raw and want to feed raw.

I tagged Kimberly in the BBC Scotland video along with many other people who look to her for information and insight. Shortly after, she tagged me in her blog response to the video. Her response titled, Trust Me I’m A Raw Feeder was so spot on I asked if we could read it on air today, and here it is.

Enjoy the show!

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