My Top Pet Travel Products Making Travel More Pleasant 

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My Top Pet Travel Products Making Travel More Pleasant

Are you thinking of traveling with your pet this year? I certainly am. This year I’m planning a beach vacation for the dogs in San Diego. My husband and I will travel by car with the dogs for this particular trip. I like to be well prepared for the dogs when we travel and that means I’ll be using specific pet travel products to make the trip safe, efficient, and pleasant.

I’m an organized person having previously owned a professional organizing company, so I find planning a trip very exciting. Planning always makes travel easier and so do travel accessories. There are now some truly great pet travel products you can add to your list of pet travel necessities. There’s no need to wonder about where to start finding these products as I’ve done the work for you. So let’s get started.

There are now some truly great pet travel products you can add to your list of pet travel necessities. There’s no need to wonder about where to start finding these products as I’ve done the work for you. So let’s get started.

Car Seat Protectors

Elegant Comfort® Quilted Design %100 Waterproof Premium Quality Bench Car Seat Protector Cover (Entire Rear Seat) for Pets - TIES TO STOP SLIPPING OFF THE BENCH

There’s no getting around it hair is going to happen when you travel by car with your pets. Cleaning pet hair can be quite the job and who wants to do that? I recommend a seat cover for your rear seat. Not only will it make cleanup easier it also protects your seats, in my case, it’ll protect my seats from sand and hair.


  • 100% Money back guarantee + Free returns.
  • Quilted microfiber fabric and 100% water proof on the backside.
  • Machine washable and easy to wipe down.
  • 55″ wide.
  • High Quality and has a breathable weave.

All In One Water Bottle and Bowl

Highwave AutoDogMug travel water bottle bowl pets dogs

I recently found this pet water bottle with a built-in bowl. Can we say fabulous design and function? It stores your water and acts as a bowl too. Hydrating your pet has never been so easy.


  • Easily keep your pet hydrated with this Auto-Dog Sport Bottle.
  • Portable dog bowl fills with water when you squeeze the bottle.
  • Walk your dog long distances without having to worry about finding a water source.
  • Conveniently fits in your car’s cup holder.
  • BPA-free, dishwasher safe. Holds 20 ounces.

Collapsible Bowls
Collapsable pet bowls for travel

Anything collapsible is going to save you space and that’s important when traveling. I use this type of bowl for water and food and it performs the job perfectly. Even if you’re not traveling these bowls are great for hiking with your pet.


  • 5.5″ in Diameter and a Slim 0.7″ thick when collapsed
  • Holds up to 1.5 Cups of Food or Water.
  • Food Grade Silicone: No Pungent Smell, with BPA Free Plastic Rim, Easy to Clean, Dishwasher Safe.
  • Portable & Convenient: Easily Fits in a Pocket, Great for Travel, Parks, and Walks.
  • Bonus: Get Water Bottle Holder & Quick-Release Carabiner with your purchase.

Do Not Disturb Pet Inside

I have to admit when I first traveled with my dogs, it never crossed my mind that room service knocking on the door would lead to a barkfest. No one wants to hear that when they’re in their room. Here’s the solution, pets inside door hangers. These hangers are lifesavers, however, they are not to be used in order to leave your pets alone. Never under any circumstances leave your pets by themselves in your hotel room.


  • Made of a durable thick plastic.
  • 3.5″ (8.9cm) x 9.5″ (24cm) in size.
  • Design shown printed on one side with UV- and water-resistant inks.
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor.
  • The hole is universal sized and will work with all standard door knobs.
  • Never leave your pets alone in a hotel room.

Service Dog Inside Do Not Disturb

You’re traveling with your service dog and just getting settled in your room and there’s a knock on the door. To prevent such disturbances use service dog inside door hangers. It’s an easy way to let hotel staff know not to disturb you and your service dog.


  • Double sided and durable.
  • The perfect solution for hotel rooms, motel rooms, resorts, and cruise ships.
  • Large format for great visibility: 3.5″ x 8″.
  • Relax and have peace of mind while in your room.

Pet Travel Harness

Sleepy Pod Clickit Sport Harness

In my experience, there is a world of difference between harnesses and clips. I want to show you this crash tested approved harness. It’s the Clickit Sport Utility Safety Harness by Sleepy Pod.

In this harness, my dogs are secure in my vehicle they can sit and lay down without getting tangled up or moving around the vehicle.

When I’ve had to make a sudden break the harness prevents them from being thrown around. The harness is made of energy absorbing materials. Securing my dogs in the vehicle is simple and requires very little effort to connect.

There are some bonuses with this harness and one of them is that it has a three-point contact design and it doubles as a walking harness. This harness is functional, safe and beautifully made.

As with anything new, take the time to place the harness on your dog at home and go for a few walks. Practice getting your dog secured in your vehicle. The more you practice prior to traveling the better it will be for you and your pet.


  • 3 point contact design. Doubles as a walking harness
  • Does not require baby seat LATCH anchors
  • Exceptional head excursion and lateral movement control
  • Night reflectors for enhanced visibility. Energy absorbing materials.
  • Requires minimal dexterity to connect to car

Click here to watch the Clickit Sport crash test video.

Pet Carriers

Let’s move on to carriers. Again I have personal experience with the Sleepy Pod Mobile Pet Bed. As you can see it’s a beautiful design and you’re going to love all the elements of this all in one pet bed, carrier, and car seat.

The mobile pet bed comes in two sizes, mini for pets up to 7 lbs and medium for pets up to lbs. It’s a bed you can use at home by zipping the dome off the top. It has a plush interior, 15 water-resistant foam liner, and the bedding is washable. The beauty of this product is, if you do not use it at home as a pet bed you can use it a week prior to traveling. Your pet will be used to this bed by the time you travel, making travel less stressful.

To convert the bed to a carrier clip on the padded shoulder strap and a carry handle on the top. This is especially helpful when taking trips to the vet. There is no assembly required with this pet bed and securing it into your vehicle is easy.

Your pet will be able to see out of the mesh dome quite easily. When you get to your destination and all you have to do is take the dome off the top and your pet bed is ready.

It’s easy to see why this product is so popular. It’s a perfect Three-In-One solution for home, vet visits, and car trips. There’s no need to buy multiple items with you when traveling.

Just like other products by Sleepy Pod, it comes in a variety of delicious colours.


  • Mobile pet bed, carrier, and car seat lets you travel anywhere with your pet
  • Made from luggage-grade nylon outside and ultra plush polyester inside
  • Contoured to fit pets up to 15 pounds
  • No assembly required
  • Includes padded shoulder strap, mesh dome top with carrying handle, washable bedding, water-resistant foam liner, and instruction card

Click here to watch the Clickit Sport crash test video.


Traveling with your pet doesn’t have to be a pain. Using travel products just for pets makes it so much easier. I hope you found this post helpful and here’s to happy travels.


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