The Benefits Of Cardboard Boxes For Cats

Harley #HarleyStrong

I want to let you know that today’s show is dedicated to Harley. I met Harley’s mum at a pet event I was hosting. She told me that her dog Harley had had cancer and with research and a diet change they beat it. I instantly connected with Donna. It was through her experience that she wanted to help other animals and she opened up a store called Wags and Whiskers all inspired by her dog Harley…and let me tell you along with her family and Harley they have helped so many pets get into a healthy diet and they’ve helped pet parents embrace the idea of doing all they can for their pets. Not only that but they’ve helped countless animal rescues and charities through fun events at the store and of course none of this would have happened had she not had Harley in her life. Harley did get ill once again and this week he made the journey over the rainbow bridge with his entire family by his side as they always promised they would be. Harley inspired people, Harley helped other animals, he brought love and smiles to all who met him, and will always and continue to be an inspiration and a fur angel to the community…we’re all better off for having met Harley…his tagline in life was #harleystrong

Hello everyone, I’m Sam the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll dogs and host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio Show. On today’s show, I’m talking about cats in cardboard boxes, and animal news from around the world. Enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Wolf Saved From Freezing River

C.H.A.I.N.E.D Inc

Ivory Queen Jailed

Cats With Access To Cardboard Boxes Less Stressed and Quicker To Heal

Tales From The Coast


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