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Guy Fawkes Night

Why Guy Fawkes Night A Terrifying Time For Your Pets

Guy Fawkes Night is a terrifying night for your pets, and this is why. If you live outside of Great Britain, you may not know about this annual tradition. Guy Fawkes Night is a commemoration observed on the 5th of November. It started the 5th of November 1605, when Guy Fawkes, a member of the Gunpowder Plot was arrested. He was guarding explosives the plotters had placed beneath… Read more →


Eat Sleep Bark Repeat Gift Eat Sleep Bark Repeat Gift

Pet lovers this is a perfect gift for you or someone who loves dogs. Our EAT, SLEEP, BARK, REPEAT dolman sleeve tee is so soft and comfortable. Wear it in three ways in either vintage red or indigo blue. Treat yourself and pick up this tee for yourself. Hop on over to Vegas Rock Dog and check out this tee-shirt and others like it. Read more →

Cat eating from a ceramic pet bowl

Do You Know There Are Hidden Dangers In Your Pet’s Bowl?

    Do You Know There Are Hidden Dangers In Your Pet’s Bowl? Is Your Pet’s Bowl Toxic? The bowls you choose for your pet’s food and water can be the difference between a toxic or non-toxic meal. The use of plastic containers and the dangers of plastic have long been a concern for humans. It only makes sense to… Read more →

Donkey Boulder City

Can You Imagine My Excitement After Fifteen Years?

Boulder City, NV is a mere ten-minute drive from our home in Las Vegas. The city built-in 1931 by the Bureau of Reclamation and Six Companies, Inc. housed the Hoover Dam workers. The dam project is one of the greatest engineering feats in the history of the United States. It is the most-visited dam in the world, with 7 million tourists… Read more →