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Murray Saw Chuck and Elvis perform a trick

Now You See It Now You Don’t. Celebrity Magician Murray Sawchuck Confuses Elvis The Dog

My friend and celebrity magician Murray Sawchuck, reached out to me to find a labrador for a video shoot. Instantly I thought of my friend Elvis. His mum and dad are Paul and Carmen Shortino. You’ll know Murray from America’s Got Talent and Paul from the rock band Quiet Riot. When you watch this video, you’ll see why he was… Read more →

Shred it like a rockstar!

Shred It Like A Rockstar \m/

Some of you may recognize this T-shirt, it’s the official t-shirt we got in the swag bags at the Blog Paws pet bloggers conference.  As a T-shirt designer I have to say I would never be seen in a big boxy t-shirt. They’re not doing any of us ladies a favour when it comes to the female form. However, I do have a… Read more →