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Put Some Pants On This Christmas 

Put Some Pants On This Christmas    Read more →

Star Paws Return Of The K9

Star Paws, Return of the K9, featuring Dax Twix, Obi Wan Jack Russell, and Princess Galaxy-Leia.    Love pup culture? Then you’ll like this post.  Read more →

Mr. Twix and the giant Christmas bauble

Mr. Twix And The Giant Christmas Bauble

My giant Christmas bauble has a new use. Mr. Twix is using it as a football. This is why we can’t have nice things, but he does make us laugh. Watch the video below to see his antics.     Read more →

Did Santa Come Yet?

Did Santa Come Yet? Happy Holidays From The Furry Kids

Did Santa Come Yet? Happy Holidays From The Furry Kids Read more →

Let’s Get Elfed Up

Let’s get Elfed up.    Read more →

My little Ewok

Watch My Little Ewok And His Teefs

Watch My Little Ewok And His Teefs Read more →

Does Your Dog Practice Doga?

 Does your dog practice Doga? Mr. Twix routinely likes to sprawl out all over me. I call this move, squish my face. He’s clearly comfortable, me not so much.  Read more →

My Galaxy Girl Is So Proud Of The Dirt On Her Nose

My Galaxy girl is so proud of the dirt on her nose. She doesn’t care she got caught digging in the garden.        Read more →

My Dog Looks Like A Tiny Drunk

I just had to share this video with you. We just got home after a walk in Boulder City. Miss Thornton was so tired. She looks like a tiny drunk.     Read more →

Four Paws Up For This Pawsome Experience

A few weeks ago we did something really fabulous with our little Thornton. We had a private session at LifeCast Studios and created a special moment in time. Thornton only knew that she had us all to herself, a special day being the only dog. To start the day, Thornton and Jim went for a three-mile run, had breakfast, and then off… Read more →