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Fun Gifts For Your Petriotic Pets

Fun Gifts For Your Petriotic Pets

Fun Gifts For Your Petriotic Pets Independence Day is just around the corner, and for most people, it’s a time to celebrate with family, friends, and their pets. It’s not uncommon to see pets adorned in stars and stripes and the patriotic colours of red, white, and blue. If your pet wants to be a Yankee Poodle Dandy on this… Read more →

Give And Get All The Feels

Give And Get All The Feels Giving, in my opinion, is one of the best feelings you can experience. In current pop culture terms, it’s called getting the feels…lol. It is lovely though to find the perfect gift for your loved ones and of course that includes your pets. My dogs shower me every day with their love and buying… Read more →

Murray Saw Chuck and Elvis perform a trick

Now You See It Now You Don’t. Celebrity Magician Murray Sawchuck Confuses Elvis The Dog

My friend and celebrity magician Murray Sawchuck, reached out to me to find a labrador for a video shoot. Instantly I thought of my friend Elvis. His mum and dad are Paul and Carmen Shortino. You’ll know Murray from America’s Got Talent and Paul from the rock band Quiet Riot. When you watch this video, you’ll see why he was… Read more →

Put Some Pants On This Christmas 

Put Some Pants On This Christmas    Read more →

Star Paws Return Of The K9

Star Paws, Return of the K9, featuring Dax Twix, Obi Wan Jack Russell, and Princess Galaxy-Leia.    Love pup culture? Then you’ll like this post.  Read more →

Let’s Get Elfed Up

Let’s get Elfed up.    Read more →

Does Your Dog Practice Doga?

 Does your dog practice Doga? Mr. Twix routinely likes to sprawl out all over me. I call this move, squish my face. He’s clearly comfortable, me not so much.  Read more →

My Galaxy Girl Is So Proud Of The Dirt On Her Nose

My Galaxy girl is so proud of the dirt on her nose. She doesn’t care she got caught digging in the garden.        Read more →

My Dog Looks Like A Tiny Drunk

I just had to share this video with you. We just got home after a walk in Boulder City. Miss Thornton was so tired. She looks like a tiny drunk.     Read more →

She Looks Into My Eyes And It’s Magical

  Read more →