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Pawsonalised greeting cards the rock n roll dog paw prints

Pawsonalised Greeting Cards

Pawsonalised Greeting Cards How many times have you pawsonalised your greeting cards and signed them from your pets by drawing their paw prints? I’ve been doing it for years and even though I have done it for years I wouldn’t say my drawings are by any means Picasso level art…or should I say Pawcasso? So, this year I’m upping my game.… Read more →

Make this dog holiday wreath

DIY Paw Wreath For The Pet Lover

DIY Paw Wreath For The Pet Lover Pet lovers you are going to love this DIY paw wreath project. I can’t tell you how easy it is to make and it’s a lovely gift for anyone who loves animals including yourself. I’ve already gifted my animal rescues friends with these wreaths for Christmas. Scaling this wreath to a larger size… Read more →

Shred it like a rockstar!

Shred It Like A Rockstar \m/

Some of you may recognize this T-shirt, it’s the official t-shirt we got in the swag bags at the Blog Paws pet bloggers conference.  As a T-shirt designer I have to say I would never be seen in a big boxy t-shirt. They’re not doing any of us ladies a favour when it comes to the female form. However, I do have a… Read more →

DIY Braided Tug Toy For Dogs

DIY Braided Tug Toy If you’re feeling a bit crafty you can make this fun tug toy in a matter of 15 minutes. All you need for this project is some rockin’ fleece and a pair of scissors…..and…… …and assistant who made himself all too comfortable on the table. Step 1. Remove Mr Twix from the table. Step 2. Cut… Read more →