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Erin Urano bunny lady of Vegas

Erin Urano Founder Of Rusty and Furriends

Erin Urano Founder Of Rusty and Furriends Erin Urano Founder of Rusty and Furriends My guest today is Erin Urano founder of Rusty and Furriends bunny rescue. We discuss the dumping of bunnies at the Vegas Dump Site and the resulting problems of people dumping rabbits. We’re covering bunny basics for anyone interested in adopting a bunny, bunny adoption success… Read more →

Meet The Champions Richard Hunter and Vicktory Dog Mel

Meet The Champions Richard Hunter and Vicktory Dog Mel

Meet The Champions Richard Hunter and Vicktory Dog Mel. Mel was one of Michael Vicks former fighting dogs, who through the help of Best Friends had a second chance at life and eventually a loving safe home with Richard Hunter. Richard and Mel feature in the new documentary The Champions. It’s a beautiful update on the dogs today and the… Read more →

80's Hairball Pam Webb Sam Ratcliffe

The 80s Hairball Is Back

The 80’s Hairball is back. We’re fundraising once again with our second annual 80’s Hairball. This Rockin 4 Rescues fundraising event for animal rescue is a fun night where you can dress up in as much spandex as you like. Everyone loves an 80’s night and we want you to have the time of your life. Once again the rock… Read more →

The Wigglebutt Warriors

Wigglebutts Uncorked Gala Fundraiser For Rescue Dogs

Wigglebutts Uncorked Gala Fundraiser For Rescue Dogs This coming April Jim and I take a journey from Las Vegas to New York and join the Wigglebutt Warriors®. It’s our first time attending a Wigglebutt Warrior® gala. We’re excited to help rescue animals, and enjoy a night in America’s oldest winery. . The event aptly named Wigglebutts Uncorked is a gala… Read more →

Thank You For Saving My Little Life

  Thank you for saving my little life. If there’s one thing I like about Facebook, it’s the On This Day app.  Each day it pops up and reminds me of some great moments in my life. This leads me to this sweet photograph. I call it, Thank you for saving my little life. It was only two years ago when I… Read more →

Ginger A Sweet Tabby Cat, She Wants All The Cuddles And Kisses She Can Get In Life

Can we say, pretty girl? Ginger is a beautiful 7-year-old tabby, who is very sweet, delicate, and petite. Her meows are very quiet, and she likes to talk to you in quiet conversations. Ginger is super shy around new people but very loving once she gets to know you.  As you can see this girl’s health is in tip-top shape.… Read more →


Layla La La La La Layla

Look at lovely Layla, she’s a beautiful 15-year-old lady and she sparkles. Another lovely lady is Hannah a friend of mine. She’s lovely because she spends time getting to know the rescue animals at the NSPCA and is an angel to them all. Hannah has a soft spot for seniors, she spent time with Layla and is determined to find her… Read more →

Zoro and Tarzan

Meet Rockin Pups Zoro and Tarzan

These pups had the good fortune of being rescued from the shelter by my lovely friend Dana Kungl. Dana owns Bark-9 Rescue and she watched in horror as these pups were dumped by their owner like they were a piece of trash. Dana didn’t think twice about saving these pups and they’ve been in her care ever since. She’s named… Read more →

Tina Wales Solera founder of Galgos Del Sol, Spain.

No Support, Economy Crash, Betrayal Of A Volunteer, And A Family Breakdown. This Is The Inspirational Story Of Galgos Del Sol Animal Rescue.

Galgos Del Sol was founded in 2010 after Tina Wales-Solera and her little family moved to Spain. They were in search of a better life. They were shocked to find themselves surrounded by animal cruelty and neglect, and took on the challenge to do something about it. With no support, the effects of an economy crash & betrayal of a volunteer… Read more →