The Secret To A Cool Time In The Summer Heat Of Las Vegas

The Secret To A Cool Time In The Summer Heat Of Las Vegas

I’ve just got back to work from a great Summer vacation with my family. I thought I’d share with you one of the most fun and cool things we got to do, and that was to visit the Wet ‘n’ Wild water park in Las Vegas. It was our first time visiting the park, and a chance to cool down from the unbearable one hundred plus desert temperatures.

Wet ‘n’ Wild is a quick twenty-minute drive from my house and easy to get to from any part of the city. Parking was a little crowded when we arrived but that was expected. What we didn’t expect was the $7 parking fee. They waive the fee if you are a VIP or Gold member. I know you pay at other theme parks but Las Vegas locals tend to be spoiled with free parking just about everywhere they go…lol.

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Summer

My name was on the list for six guests and a cabana, and check-in was simple and quick. As you walk into the park there are the usual services and facilities, locker rental, lost and found, express passes, and shower and changing facilities. One feature I loved was the sunblock station. There’s no excuse to burn when you can visit the station and top up on your skin protection.

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Sunblock station Summer
Sunblock station

We settled into our cabana equipped with a misting system, yes a misting system! Then buzzed our server to order some refreshments. What a convenience to buzz for service. Who doesn’t love that?

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Summer
Buzz for service
Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Cabana Summer
Cabana with misting system

We only ordered drinks as we’d just had lunch. You can order food and drinks at your cabana or visit one of the eateries dotted around the park. Our server was super nice and helpful and the drinks arrived quickly.

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Eating Summer
Outdoor eating area
Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Summer
Thumbs up for a cool experience











After having a quick drink we wasted no time taking a ride on the Colorado Cooler. It’s leisurely at 1,100-foot lap around the endless river. This is where you grab a tube and enjoy a refreshing ride. It was my favourite ride of the day. Another great swim ride was Red Rock Bay. It’s known as the ultimate ocean experience. You can stay in the shallow end and enjoy the calm waves lapping up on your feet or hop on a tube and ride the four-foot high swells. You absolutely feel like you’re in the ocean. Either way, it’s refreshing and fun.

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Colorado Cooler Summer
Colorado Cooler
Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Red Rock Bay Summer
Red Rock Bay












There’s a splash pad type area called Paradise Falls where a giant bucket fills with water. Park goes eagerly wait for it to tip hundreds of gallons of water on top of them. Every time it tipped it was met with squeals and screams of delight. Our cabana was close by so we found ourselves thoroughly entertained by this. Paradise Falls is perfect for the kids, with nine slides and rides for them to enjoy. If you’re going to rent a cabana Paradise Falls is a good spot.

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Summer
About to get soaked
Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Summer
Giant tipping bucket
Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Sam Ratcliffe Summer
Smiles all around












There are endless thrill rides to go on too. The boys loved the Tornado. I know they’d never been on a ride like it.  They were spun around the Tornado’s funnel in a four-person raft. It’s a zero gravity experience, with a ton of splashing that ends by landing in calm waters.

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Red Rock Bay Summer
Red Rock Bay

The overall feel of the park was fun. There’s plenty of space to sit and relax and eat. Despite how busy it was it was not chaotic at all. An enjoyable afternoon was extra comfortable due to the cool cabana. We enjoyed it so much we’re planning on going back in the evening when they show movies as part of their Summer Dive-In Movies. There are a variety of ways to enjoy the park from a day pass to annual passes and birthday celebrations. You’ll find something that fits your budget.

Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Summer
Panoramic view
Wet 'n' Wild Las Vegas Family Summer
Happy family

Wet ‘n’ Wild was a perfect start to our family Summer vacation. If you’re a local and tired of being cooped up inside trying to avoid the heat then you need to head out to Wet ‘n’ Wild. It’s a lovely respite from our insane Summer temperatures.

Disclaimer: I was given complimentary entrance and a cabana as part of this blog post, but The Rock ‘n’ Roll Dog only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Wet ‘n’ Wild is not responsible for the content of this article.

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