Stranger Things Leads To Stranger Dogs

Stranger things stranger dogs chewing things Netflix movie gift Christmas

Stranger Things Leads To Stranger Dogs

I have yet to meet one person who didn’t love the hit show on Netflix called Stranger Things. It’s a show reminiscent of the 80’s with an ET meets The Goonies vibe. It’s a binge watch until you drop type of show.

Now, with any hit show or movie, you can expect a line of merchandise to hit the stores. Well my friends not only can you buy the DVDs, tee shirts, hats, and mugs, your dog can get in on the action too. I have to say I love a bit of satire when it comes to pet products and oh did they deliver on this one.

Chewing Things

Introducing Stranger Things Chewing Things dog bandana and the Stranger Things dog tee. The Chewing Things bandana comes in two sizes, one for mini dogs and one for medium to large dogs. It’s got the signature Stranger Things 80’s font and comes in black.

Mini Dog Bandana
MINI BANDANA – Chewing Things for small dogs less than 20 lbs – Black

Medium – Large Dog Bandana
MINI BANDANA – Chewing Things for small dogs less than 20 lbs – Black

40×50 Blanket Comfort Warmth Soft Plush Throw for Couch Christmas Lights Alphabet From Stranger Things

Stranger Things Dog Tee
TV Series Stranger Things Logo Dog T-Shirt Pet Clothes SkyBlue M (4 Colors)

Stranger Things For People

I just couldn’t resist showing you some fun gifts for the human fans of Stranger Things.

Long Sleeved Tee Shirt Men

Wild Bobby Stranger Things Lights | Merry Christmas | Mens Ugly Christmas Long Sleeve Tee Graphic T-Shirt, Black, Large


Long Sleeved Tee Women

Thread Tank Stranger Things In A World Full Of Tens Be An Eleven Women’s Slouchy 3/4 Sleeves Raglan Sweatshirt Sport Grey Medium

Eleven Christmas Card
Stranger Things Eleven Christmas Card… Funny Xmas Card, Friendship Card

Eggo Game
Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

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