The Exquisite Art Of Samantha Barnes

The Exquisite Art of Samantha Barnes

I gaze over and look at my wall and it makes me smile broadly. Staring back at me in its pride of place is an exquisite piece of art and it’s of my little Miss Thornton. Her personality is captured so perfectly right down to her signature reclining position and black eyeliner.

This bespoke piece was created by artist Samantha Barnes Samantha reached out to me and generously said she would love to paint one of my dogs. She asked me to send a few photos of Miss Thornton so she could get a feel for her personality. You may be wondering how on earth did this gorgeous painting make its way from the UK to the US in one piece. I’m not kidding when I say it took a good ten minutes to open the package. It was well packed it and arrived in perfect shape and upon opening it I gasped in absolute delight.

So, let me introduce you to Samantha Barnes. Samantha is based in Suffolk in the UK. Art and design is her life and has been for over twenty years. Samantha is in the business of contemporary bespoke dog and pet drawings, painting and prints.

It’s important to know that Samantha is a self-professed uber dog lover. What she captured was the true essence of my sweet girl and the way she looks at me when I tell her how much I love her. Thornton is a very energetic twelve-year-old girl and to have her on my wall makes me so happy and to have a bespoke piece by Samantha is an honour.

Samantha has two websites her main site is Samantha Barnes and her bespoke site for pets is iPaint Dogs.

Would you like to see some of Samantha’s bespoke paintings fresh off the easel? Click here.

Samantha’s paintings and drawings make beautiful meaningful gifts. You can purchase gift certificates here. Also, Samantha has a special online sale coming early November. To get early access head on over here. Finally, Christmas is coming and if you were thinking of getting one of her bespoke paintings there’s a Christmas deadline and you can find the details here.

To close this post I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to Samantha for giving me a gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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