Prevent Pet Suffocation

Prevent Pet Suffocation

Pets suffocate needlessly every day. But what is it that’s causing pets to suffocate? Would you be surprised to learn that the main causes of suffocation are snack bags and food packaging? It’s a devastating and shocking discovery for any pet parent who had no idea a snack bag could have taken their beloved pet’s precious life.

Pets can’t resist the smell of food and an open snack bag is an invitation to danger. Their nose drives their instincts and before they know it their head is inside the snack bag. Once in the bag their breathing causes a vacuum effect around the face and neck. The bag gets tighter and the pet becomes panicky and disorientated. There’s a lot of movement around the area as the pet tries to free itself of the bag often leading to injuries before eventually succumbing to suffocation. A tragedy like this happens in a matter of minutes, and it can be avoided.

Pet Suffocation Is Preventable

Pet suffocation is preventable by implementing some precautions.

  • Transfer snacks into locking containers high on a shelf.
  • Never leave food on your countertops.
  • Always eat snacks from a bowl.
  • Cut up your snack bags and food wrappers before discarding them.
  • Empty snack bags from purses and gym bags.
  • Buy a locking trash can.
  • Take a Pet CPR certification

House Guests and Pet Sitters

If you have company or a pet sitter coming over to your home you will need to educate them on the dangers of pet suffocation.  Show them the precautions you take to keep your pets safe. Small changes to you and your family’s daily routine will help prevent your pet from becoming a statistic.

Additional Information

For more information listen to my interview with Bonnie Harlan founder of Prevent Pet Suffocation.

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