Pet Suffocation It’s Not Funny It’s Deadly

It's not funny it's deadly. Prevent pet suffocationPet Suffocation It’s Not funny It’s Deadly.

Pet suffocation is common. How many times have you seen someone post a photo of their dog or cat with a snack bag on its head? I see it all the time and everyone including the pet parents thinks it’s funny. The disturbing part is, it’s not funny it’s absolutely deadly. 

Within a few minutes of your pet diving into a snack bag to lick the inside of it, it can die. Sounds dramatic, well it is.

Sharing this life-saving message is important for me because it is preventable. Pet parents shared their suffocation stories with me and their feelings of devastation. What I learned was how many pets this has happened to and their stories are utterly heartbreaking. They were devastated at the fact they had no clue snack bags were a danger, and that pet suffocation is preventable.

What can you do to prevent pet suffocation?

  • Never leave food and snack bags on tables, counter tops, or in your purse or bag.
  • Cut up used snack bags into small pieces and then dispose of them.
  • Buy a pet safe locking trash can.
  • Spread this message with your family and friends.

Pet safe locking trash can by Simple Human

Upon learning about pet suffocation, I immediately got online and searched for trash cans with locking lids. The thought of this happening to my pets was horrifying. I wasn’t going to take a chance. The trash can featured above is the exact one I ordered. It gave me peace of mind to know my pets could not get into the trash. I hope this post serves as a PSA to prevent pet suffocation. Please share it far and wide and if you see photos or videos of pets with snack bags on their heads, please let the person know about the dangers. Together we can make a difference.

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