Pet Gallery Portraits For Under $20

Galaxy pet gallery portrait

Pet Gallery Portraits For Under $20

You’ve probably got thousands of photographs of your pets on your phone, yet very few displayed in your home. It just seems like too much work to get photographs printed, pick them up, and then find the right frames…right?

What if I gave you an incentive to get those precious photos printed and framed?

Here’s the incentive, you can print gallery sized photos and frame them for less than $20 each! Yes, yes, yes $20. I know you’re asking how on earth is that possible?

Large scale printing is expensive, but it’s the type of printing I used in this tutorial that’s going to make you all kinds of giddy.

Have you ever heard of an engineer’s print? Engineer printing is typically used for large line drawings and graphics with high-definition and contrast. Contractors use engineer prints as a low-cost option when they need a high volume of prints. Engineer prints are CHEAP!. They’re low-cost because they’re printed on regular paper. A print size of 18″ x 24″ is as low as $1.79 for black and white and $2.99 for colour.

My project called for 24″ x 36″ black and white prints for a gallery look and feel. If you’re printing numerous photos for the same wall or hallway consider using black and white images to give a cohesive look. I had them printed at Staples and used their online system to upload my files and select sizes and colours. Alternatively, you can call your local store and ask for their printing department email. This email address allows you to send a simple email with quantities, sizes, and colours and attach your photos.

I’m a fan of IKEA and that’s where I purchased my frames. They were only $17.99 each and come in variety colours and styles. Another store for frames is Michaels.

Assembling the frames was quick and easy as you’ll see below.

I’m thrilled with how my pet gallery came together and plan on doing more photo projects. I hope this tutorial excites you as much as it did me. You can now have a pet gallery of your own knowing it won’t break the bank. Share pics of your pet gallery with me, I’d love to see them.

Sam ~ The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs

IKEA frame 24" x 36"

Mr Tiwx engineer print Staples pet gallery portrait

Engineer print, black and white 24″ x 36″

IKEA frame without the mat IKEA frame with a mat

You can choose to use the mat or not depending on the look you’re going for.

Mr Twix print using the IKEA frame and mat

Mr Twix print using the IKEA frame and mat


Mr Twix print using the IKEA frame and mat

Miss Thornton pet gallery

Hallway pet gallery using IKEA frames without the mat.

Galaxy pet gallery portrait

Miss Galaxy pet gallery




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