Pawsonalised Greeting Cards

Pawsonalised Greeting Cards

How many times have you pawsonalised your greeting cards and signed them from your pets by drawing their paw prints? I’ve been doing it for years and even though I have done it for years I wouldn’t say my drawings are by any means Picasso level art…or should I say Pawcasso?

So, this year I’m upping my game. I’m going to design and sign off all my greeting cards with my dogs’ real paw prints.

I was scouting around online this morning for blank cards and pet-friendly ink and decided on the selection below. But as many of you know once you start shopping online you find other great stuff like the lovely double paw print frame shown at the bottom of this post.

What I have in mind in regards to the design of my cards is to use a wreath stamp that I already own and then placing the paw prints inside it. I’ve included a link to a wreath stamp if you want to do the same.

I honestly cannot wait to get my supplies, start designing my cards, and show you how they turn out.

If you’d like to see other projects of mine like my recently finished paw print wreath for the pet lover click here.

Happy DIYing. 🐱🐶


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