Nevada SPCA Update With Humane Network’s President and Principal Consultant Bonney Brown

Nevada SPCA Update With Humane Network’s President and Principal Consultant Bonney Brown

Hello everyone, I’m Sam the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll dogs and host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio Show. On today’s show, I’m talking about my meeting with Bonney Brown Humane Network’s​ President and Principal Consultant. Bonney and her team are the new trustees of the NSPCA. Their goal is to turn the shelter around. I had the opportunity​ to spend time with Bonney and her Outreach manager Vanessa Porter and discuss their plans for the shelter​ moving forward.

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National Dog Mom Day

Years After Dog Dies, Nurse Starts Collecting Pacemakers From Human Patients to Give to Pets in Need

Humane Network


News Segments with reporter Darcy Spears

New information discovered in NSPCA investigation

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – UPDATE: Running a no-kill animal shelter is admirable work we regularly support here at channel 13. But when a nonprofit asks the public for money, it comes with responsibility and accountability. And that’s where things start to fall apart for the Nevada SPCA.

Nevada SPCA under investigation by Nevada Attorney General

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) – A major shakeup is happening at the Nevada SPCA as 13 Investigates suspicious spending at the shelter. The president has stepped down at the valley’s best known no-kill shelter and five board members have quit along with a formal complain with the Nevada Attorney General.

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