Mr. Twix Gets The Rockstar Experience at #PetSmartGrooming

Mr. Twix Rockstar Dog #petsmartgrooming #ad

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Mr. Twix spends more time at the groomers than I do at my hairdresser. His fur grows quickly, and regular salon visits are essential to maintaining his health, and rock ‘n’ roll look.

I made an appointment for Mr. Twix at my local the PetSmart® grooming salon. He was booked in with Megan for a bath, groom, nail trim, ears and teeth cleaning.

Mr. Twix before Pet Smart grooming service

Mr. Twix and Megan before Pet Smart grooming service

PetSmart is known as the largest specialty pet retailer. They also offer dog grooming, and making an appointment is easy. You can book an appointment online, choosing a specific groomer and get a call, text alerts or emails notifying you when your pet is ready to be picked up.

It’s important to note: All pets must be in good health before receiving any PetSmart grooming services. A proof of current rabies vaccinations from the vet is required to submit when making the appointment. PetSmart does not perform services on pets eight weeks or younger.


PetSmart Grooming Services

PetSmart offers a full menu of grooming services for all dog breeds. I would recommend asking questions about the services your pet may need. You should also give your groomer an overview of your pet’s health. It’s important to communicate well with your groomer and for your groomer understand your needs.

Mr. Twix after his PetSmart groomer Megan

What I appreciate about the salon design is the ability to view the grooming area. However, I didn’t want to distract Mr. Twix by catching his attention. He was a little flirt with Megan, giving her kisses. The experience was positive for him.

Mr. Twix after his PetSmart groomer Megan

Mr. Twix is a dog who loves to sport a rock ‘n’ roll look, he’s known for his mohawk. Mr. Twix after his PetSmart groomer Megan

Megan was an absolute professional with Mr. Twix. He trusted her and her lovely demeanour. All pet parents look for this in a groomer.

Pet Expressions

Did You Know…?

  • All PetSmart salon associates acquire annual safety certification and take additional coursework where they learn about dog anatomy, signs of stress and common pet medical conditions.
  • PetSmart groomers (those that give haircuts) receive an additional 400 hours of hands-on training
  • PetSmart salons offer a “Look Great Guarantee,” which is their promise that you’ll be happy with your pet’s service, or they’ll do whatever it takes to make it right – including offering your money back.

Mr. Twix after his PetSmart groomer Megan

Look at my little rockstar! He knew he looked good when I picked him up. He smelled lovely, his coat was soft, ears clean and nails beautifully trimmed. I loved the ombre effect mohawk and tail, and the skull Pet Expressions “tattoo” on his cute little bum.

Mr. Twix after his PetSmart grooming service

I was happy with the services provided, my questions were addressed, and booking was a breeze. Mr. Twix emerged a well-groomed rockstar with a waggly tail.

You can connect with PetSmart at the following: PetSmart Grooming PetSmart: TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Mr. Twix after his PetSmart grooming






















Mr. Twix after his PetSmart grooming

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