How To Prepare Your Dog For A New Baby

How to introduce your baby to your dog

Hello everyone, I’m Sam the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll dogs and host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio Show. On today’s show, I’m talking about hurricanes and how they impact your pets and a serious FDA warning for pet parents as well as some other topics and news.

Show Notes

Dr Stefanatos

Las Vegas-area veterinarian a pioneer in holistic treatment of animals

Bringing animals back to health in body and spirit is natural to Dr. Joanne Stefanatos. From a pet cockroach to sickly and abandoned lions, Stefanatos’ philosophy of holistic veterinary medicine has ushered good health to thousands of Las Vegas animals in the last 39 years.

Should You Pet Your Dog Before an Absence?

Should You Pet Your Dog Before an Absence?

Dogs form an attachment to their owner and as a result can find it stressful to be separated from them. It used to be conventional wisdom that you should ignore your dog before you go out, but a pilot study finds gentle petting of dogs before a short separation makes them more calm than if they were ignored before the separation.

How To Prepare Your Dog For A New Baby

Nature v Nurture
A rat study seems to indicate that the genetic material passed from generation to generation can actually adapt to environmental influence in a way that maximizes survival for the next generations.

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