Honest To Goodness Beef Bone Broth For Your Pets

Honest To Goodness Beef Bone Broth For Your Pets

My dogs Galaxy, Thornton, and Mr. Twix love their meal times. I feed them a dehydrated grain free food from The Honest Kitchen.  All three of them look great on the food and they have tons of energy.


I was pleased to get my hands on one of The Honest Kitchen’s newest products. Beef Bone Broth is a new tasty instant mix. When mixed with warm or cold water it makes a nourishing, mineral-rich, yummy drink.

The company calls it a treat with benefits. The main ingredient providing a benefit for your cats or dogs is turmeric.  It’s the potent kind, with 95% curcuminoids, the active compound in turmeric that’s been studied for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

There are a couple of ways to prepare and use the  Beef Bone Broth. It can be made cold or warm, served by itself or on top of kibble. I decided to make a warm treat for my dogs, it’s a little chilly at the moment here in Las Vegas.

The instructions are simple to make up one cup of Beef Bone Broth. Please note that you’re not going to give your pets an entire cup. You’ll feed them the treat drink based on their weight. If you do heat the water, leave it to cool before your pets lap it up.

The Honest Kitchen products smell delicious. Beef Bone Broth did not disappoint. My dogs’ little noses twitched as I prepared this beef bone, pumpkin and parsley gourmet treat.

Once the Beef Bone Broth was placed in front of them, I no longer existed. Beef Bone Broth was their new best friend and I was ditched. I enjoyed watching them lap up this warm, delicious, nutritious drink. The video shows how much they liked it.
You can pick up this special Beef Bone Broth for your cat or dog online for $13.99.

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