Halloween, It’s A Living Nightmare, Said Mr. Twix

Mr Twix Ladybird

Woof woof, Mr. Twix here. Halloween is a fun, fantastical time of the year for families, but it is fun for pets? In our house, it’s a living nightmare. My sisters, Galaxy and Thornton and I,  with an absolute passion hate anyone knocking on our door. We’re not fans of screaming, laughing children in weird costumes either. It’s so scary. So, I’ve put together my top ten tips to help you help your pets. We want to feel safe and not scared but still enjoy Halloween.

Halloween Lights

When decorating with lights be strategic where you place them. If your cat or dog chews on the glass or plastic bulbs they could cut themselves. If they chew on the cord they could get a life-threatening electrical shock.

Halloween String LightsFire Dangers

If you’re a pumpkin lover, place them where your kids and pets can’t knock them over.  Kids and furbabies should never be alone with lit pumpkins.

Chemical Burns

Glow isn’t the dark glow sticks are dangerous to pets who chew them. Inside is a chemical and can cause a chemical burn.

Pumpkin WolfFood Decorations

Ingesting decorative corn and pumpkin can cause stomach upsets. But as you know when pets eat them in large amounts, they’re going to have problems and blockages. Place food temptations out of your pet’s reach.

Halloween CornYou May Love Chocolate But…

All chocolate is bad for your pets. The darker the chocolate the more dangerous and lethal. If poisoned they will vomit, have diarrhea, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and seizures. Other candies containing the artificial sweetener xylitol can also be poisonous to dogs. If you see a loss of coordination and seizures in your pet you must get to your veterinarian immediately. Tell your children never to feed candies to your pets.

Candy Wrappers

Your pets ingests candy or chocolate you can guarantee that they are the wrappers too. While not poisonous they can cause a blockage and to remove a blockage requires surgery. Keep all Halloween candy in a sealed container on a high shelf and always supervise your children when eating their goodies.

Halloween Apple

To Dress Or Not To Dress Up?

Not all pets enjoy wearing clothes or costumes. I know it’s fun to see them in costume but don’t dress them up if they hate it. They’ll make it clear if they don’t. Opt for a Halloween bandana or collar if that’s the case. When dressing your pets, ensure they’re comfortable. You should never cover their faces, ears, and mouth.

Halloween Bow

Your Pet Is A Target

Horrible stories litter the news headlines with stories of injured, poisoned, and stolen pets. Black cats are synonymous with Halloween. Black cat adoptions stop leading up to Halloween. In some shelters, it’s a common practice to stop them the whole month of October. What can you do to prevent them from being a target?

  • Padlock your gates to prevent intruders coming onto your property.
  • Lock your doggy doors and cat flaps.
  • Supervise your pets when they go out to use the bathroom and play.
  • Never leave your pets alone in your garden.
  • Scan for treats, food, or poison thrown into your garden.
  • Look for dangerous and poisoned food and treats when walking your dogs.

Black Cat

What To Do On The Night. 

To be honest with you, I’ll never be comfortable with strangers coming to my door on Halloween or any other night. Noisy strangers in odd costumes are scary to my dogs. The constant opening and closing of the door is a danger. It’s not worth putting your pets through this stress. Take the same approach as you would with thunderstorms. Place your pets in a secure room away from the front door, give them toys, put a Thunder Jacket on them, and turn on the television. Never risk them taking off.  It’s a scary night for a lost pet.

Dog Couch

IDs and Chips.

Update your pet’s chip info and make sure they are wearing a collar with a tag. The odds of reuniting with your pet increases when you chip and tag your furbabies.

Dog Tag


Always have your veterinarian’s cell number at hand for emergencies.


Other Ways To Celebrate With Your Pets

Last year we dressed up in costume and went for a walk in Boulder City, NV.  Following the walk our pups had a free yummy puppacino and treats at Starbucks.  Other things you can do with your pets include:

  • Attend a Halloween pet event.
  • Bake homemade pumpkin treats.
  • Take Halloween photos.
  • Enter an online Halloween pet photo contest.

You don’t have to be Doggie Downer at Halloween. Just create your own safe traditions and have a howling good time!

Halloween Pug

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