Ginger A Sweet Tabby Cat, She Wants All The Cuddles And Kisses She Can Get In Life

photo 3Can we say, pretty girl? Ginger is a beautiful 7-year-old tabby, who is very sweet, delicate, and petite. Her meows are very quiet, and she likes to talk to you in quiet conversations. Adopt GingerGinger is super shy around new people but very loving once she gets to know you. 
As you can see this girl’s health is in tip-top shape.  She has been an only cat so she would need socialization if she was to go to a multi-cat home. Ideally though Ginger said she would like to be the only princess in the house, well who wouldn’t? She wants all the cuddles and kisses she can get in life.

Ginger currently resides in Las Vegas and if you just fell in love with Ginger’s sweet face and want to welcome her to your home please contact Lana on 702-682-1408 photo 2-2Ginger has one small request and that is to share this post far and wide she can find her forever lap…meow.

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