What’s All The Buzz About The Furzapper?

You’ve seen them all over social media and probably wondered does this Furzapper miracle hair remover really work?

I queried it too but I hadn’t pulled the trigger to buy it online.

However, while looking for a new vacuum cleaner in a local store the Furzapper presented itself. The miracle I’d read about for so long had appeared…was it a sign?

We’ve all bought something online with wild claims and ended up sorely disappointed. So can you blame me for not having taken action on all of its golden promises every time it showed up on social media? I thought at the very least I could return it if it was a big fat fail. There was a bonus though, I could actually see what the product was made of.

Now the only way I can describe the Furzapper is that it’s a squidgy sticky kind of rubber disc in a cute paw design. 

Here’s what I failed to grasp from the ads I’d seen online. You use the Furzapper in both your washing machine and dryer. Well, with a two-pack that was easy. Just leave one in each the washer and dryer.

Let’s move on with my experience with the Furzapper.

I would say I wear black is than any other colour. I have two dogs but only one of them sheds and she’s my cute an adorable white and tan Jack Russell. Her name is Miss Thornton.

It made sense to start my trial with a load of black clothing. Ew, the dog hair on my slippers is so gross.

Dog hair is my life as you can see. I loaded up the washing machine and threw in the Furzapper and let the cycle run.

I did notice that most of the hair was gone after pulling the laundry out but not entirely free of dog hair. I checked the Furzapper expecting the hair to be stuck onto it but it was clean of hair…interesting. It had agitated the hair off the clothing and obviously rinsed it away.

Ok, step two was to toss the laundry in the dryer along with the second Zapper. I was hoping this would be the end to all dog hair on my clothes.

Well, well, well, look what happened when I pulled the laundry out of the dryer…no dog hair! I was surprised, surprised indeed.

All in all, I think this is a product worthwhile purchasing. The stickiness of the product along with agitating your clothes allows the hair to be removed and washed away in the washing machine and trapped in your dryer’s lint catcher. Just throw one in your washing machine and one in your dryer and let it do its thing. I have to say it was a surprise to see how hair free my clothes were.

The Furzapper was not gifted to me. I purchased the Furzapper myself and was not paid to give my honest review.

If you would like to purchase your own Furzapper to zap away pet hair you can get them on Amazon. Click here for the two-pack or here for the single.

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