Cuddle A Clone When You Can’t Cuddle Your Own

Cuddle Clones a custom product that looks just like your petCuddle A Clone When You Can’t Cuddle Your Own


What do you do when you’re missing your pet and not able to cuddle up with them?  You get a clone of your pet is what you do. I’m not talking about a genetic clone of your best friend but a plush clone…it’s own twin if you like. Cuddle Clones make being away from your pet so much easier by creating one-of-a-kind minis of all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits.

Cuddle Clones a custom product that looks just like your pet

Who Would Appreciate A Cuddle Clone?

  • You travel for work and have to leave your pet behind.
  • You’re going on vacation and your pet is staying with the sitter.
  • Your teenagers are moving on to college and leaving their pets behind.
  • You or someone you know recently lost a pet.
  • You have a parent moving into a care facility and they will no longer be able to care for their own pet.
  • Anyone who loves animals.

Cuddle Clones a custom product that looks just like your pet

How Do They Create My Very Own Cuddle Clone?

The creative and talented artists over at Cuddle Clones take a variety of your pet’s photos and handcraft an identical mini version of your pet. As you can see in the photos these Cuddle Clones are just like your pet. How they do this is by using plush materials and water-based airbrushing techniques. The details down to unique markings are what makes this product one of a kind.

Do They Offer Other Plush Products?

Yes! There are many other clone products like slippers, golf club covers, holiday stockings, and purses. Plush products start at $129 up to $249.

Do They Offer Non-Plush Products?

Yes, there’s a variety of custom non-plush products available made to look just like your pets. They start at $24.99 up to $99.95

How To Start The Cuddle Clones Process

  • Select the type and size of the product you would like your Cuddle Clone to be made in. (4″ -24″)
  • Send in various photos of your pets.
  • You’ll have the option to customize your order like eye colour, ear and tail position, body position, mouth open or closed, and any other distinguishing features that make your best friend unique.
  • Order early as this is a bespoke service and takes up to two months to customize an exact replica. (Plush versions take up to two months and figurines take four to five weeks).
  • Cuddle Clones offer a rush order option for an extra fee.
  • A monthly payment plan is available.

What To Expect When Your Cuddle Clone Arrives

  • A bespoke service that creates custom plush replicas of your best friend.
  • Handmade using plush materials and water-based airbrushing techniques.
  • Plush size based on the type of animal and breed (ranges from 4” to 24”).
  • 10% every purchase is donated back to help pets in need.
  • Certificate of authenticity.

What If I’m Not 100% Happy With My Cuddle Clone?

Cuddle Clones offer a 100% refund if you don’t love your clone.

The Cuddle Clone Mission

The Cuddle Clone mission is simple and that is to Celebrate the Joy of Pet Ownership. Cuddle Clones truly delivers a gorgeous meaningful product.

Here’s A Tip

Plush Cuddle Clones are a great gift for anyone, including yourself and remember, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Maybe you should start dropping some hints or leaving your phone open on the Cuddle Clone’s website.

My Gift To You

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Happy Shopping!

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