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Vegas Rock Dog Radio

On Today’s Show ~ Itchy Pets, Cool Pet Businesses, and Facebook Pet Advice

Today on Vegas Rock Dog Radio On this show, I’m discussing why your pets are itching and what you can do to help them, the types of pet businesses you can venture into, and why you should talk to your vet before taking your Facebook friends’ advice. Enjoy the show by the clicking the link below. Join Sam each week as… Read more →

Lindsey Wolko, founder Center For Pet Safety

Instant Replay ~ Appalling Crash Test Results Shocks Pet Parents

Appalling Crash Test Results Shocks Pet Parents Securing your pets in the car for long or short trips, is crucial to their safety. Do you know if your pet’s harness or crate carries a true safety seal? My guest on Vegas Rock Dog Radio, is Lindsey Wolko, founder of the Center For Pet Safety. Her organisation conducts crash tests on pet… Read more →

Dr Patrick Mahaney

Instant Replay ~ Dr. Patrick Mahaney Holistic Veterinarian

Here’s the instant replay of my show on Vegas Rock Dog Radio with Dr. Patrick Mahaney, holistic veterinarian, and Animal House TV team member, enjoy the show. ~ Sam The Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll dog Read more →

Ever Tried Hosting A Radio Show With Your Family?

They always say in showbiz never work with animals and children. Well I may add my family to that list. On a recent trip back home to England I hosted my radio show from my twin sister’s living room. It was a funny show to say the least. Enjoy the chaos of the Ratcliffe family and stayed tuned to find… Read more →

Instant Replay of Vegas Rock Dog Radio with Pet Communicator Alicia Halloran

Here’s the instant Replay of my show on Vegas Rock Dog Radio with Pet Communicator Alicia Halloran and her dog Odie. Alicia’s company Healing Habitat offers many services to improve your communication with your pets, deal with difficult medical decisions, and other aspects of pet parenting. In this show I did something that I’d never done before on a live… Read more →

Tina Wales Solera founder of Galgos Del Sol, Spain.

No Support, Economy Crash, Betrayal Of A Volunteer, And A Family Breakdown. This Is The Inspirational Story Of Galgos Del Sol Animal Rescue.

Galgos Del Sol was founded in 2010 after Tina Wales-Solera and her little family moved to Spain. They were in search of a better life. They were shocked to find themselves surrounded by animal cruelty and neglect, and took on the challenge to do something about it. With no support, the effects of an economy crash & betrayal of a volunteer… Read more →

Vegas Rock Dog Radio ~ Woof!

Vegas Rock Dog Radio is a rock ‘n’ roll radio show all about PETS + PEOPLE + POP CULTURE. The show is live from Las Vegas every Saturday at 10am PST. Join me as I bring you cool guests, experts, and great advice all in one rockin’ hour.   Read more →