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Jason and Cassia TLC 90 Day Fiance

Jason And Cássia Of TLC Fame 90 Day Fiancé

Tomorrow’s guests on Vegas Rock Dog Radio, are Jason and Cássia of TLC Fame 90 Day Fiancé. We’re going to find out how a groomer ended up a reality tv star. Join me, Saturday, October 24, 10am live from Las Vegas. Click here to listen live.     Read more →

Back To The Future

Bones? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Bones

      Read more →

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Dog Ties Vegas Rock Dog

Breast Cancer Fundraising Walk With Your Dog

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a month dedicated to raising awareness and funds to find a cure for breast cancer. Events are happening in every city as we speak from bake sales to fun runs and walks. I first volunteered to help with Breast Cancer Awareness month when I lived in Nashville. I met some amazing men and women who… Read more →

Dogs Rock!

DOGS ROCK! These fun Dogs Rock bracelets just hit my Vegas Rock Dog store.  I had them custom made in rhinestone letters to say Dogs Rock and they come in lilac, baby pink, baby blue, and black. You can treat yourself or buy one for a friend who loves dogs by clicking this link and here’s the exciting part, shipping is free just… Read more →

Dr Buzby

Instant Replay Of My Interview with Dr Buzby On Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Here’s the instant replay of my show on Vegas Rock Dog Radio with Dr Buzby. Dr Buzby’s product Toe Grips is getting a lot of traction in the pet world. Listen in and learn why this new product is improving the lives of dogs especially senior dogs. Click here to listen to the show and enjoy.     Read more →

Jim Nelson Founder of Tripawds

Is Your Pet Facing Amputation? The Tripawds Community Is There For You

Instant replay of my show with Jim Nelson of Tripawds. The Tripawd site is a wonderful resource for pet owners facing a pet’s amputation and what they need to do after surgery. Just know that you’re not alone as the tripawd community is ready to embrace you and your tripawd pet. Click here to listen to this episode of Vegas… Read more →

Ever Tried Hosting A Radio Show With Your Family?

They always say in showbiz never work with animals and children. Well I may add my family to that list. On a recent trip back home to England I hosted my radio show from my twin sister’s living room. It was a funny show to say the least. Enjoy the chaos of the Ratcliffe family and stayed tuned to find… Read more →

Tina Wales Solera founder of Galgos Del Sol, Spain.

No Support, Economy Crash, Betrayal Of A Volunteer, And A Family Breakdown. This Is The Inspirational Story Of Galgos Del Sol Animal Rescue.

Galgos Del Sol was founded in 2010 after Tina Wales-Solera and her little family moved to Spain. They were in search of a better life. They were shocked to find themselves surrounded by animal cruelty and neglect, and took on the challenge to do something about it. With no support, the effects of an economy crash & betrayal of a volunteer… Read more →

Can I Stay With You?