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Pet Gallery Portraits For Under $20

Pet Gallery Portraits For Under $20 You’ve probably got thousands of photographs of your pets on your phone, yet very few displayed in your home. It just seems like too much work to get photographs printed, pick them up, and then find the right frames…right? What if I gave you an incentive to get those precious photos printed and framed?… Read more →

My regal dog Thornton The Rock n Roll Dog

The View From Here Is Just Delightful

The View From Here Is Just Delightful  Can we ever take enough photographs of our dogs? I say we can never take enough photos of our pets. Yesterday I snapped this regal moment and posted it on Instagram. Thornton my baby dog looks very royal in this photograph don’t you think? Instagram is a pet parent’s dream. I’m not alone in… Read more →

Civilized Cats book

In Ancient Times Cats Were Worshiped As Gods; They Have Not Forgotten This

In Ancient Times Cats Were Worshiped As Gods; They Have Not Forgotten This Isn’t that a funny quote? This book gave me a such a giggle. The quotes are hilarious and the images were a delight. Here’s some info on how this book came to life. North Dakota photographer Nancy Hendrickson (1886-1982) had a passion for animals and was a… Read more →

She Looks Into My Eyes And It’s Magical

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Is This The Next Dogtor Who?

Is This The Next Dogtor Who?

Is This The Next Dogtor Who? Read more →

Wild Burros in Las Vegas…That’s What I Said

Wild burros in Las Vegas…that’s what I said. Beyond the razzle-dazzle of the Las Vegas strip is a landscape so beautiful it takes your breath away. We had family in town last weekend and a trip out to Red Rock was a must. What made it extra special were the wild burros who graced us with their presence. I hope… Read more →

Flashback Time With Galaxy, Thornton, and Mr Twix

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Husbands Welcome Provided They’re Well Behaved

I’m currently at the Blogpaws conference and my husband James is with me. As I sat in a session taking notes on self publishing I glanced over to the other side of the room and saw this…that’s Belle and Jim having a love affair. Thank god Blogpaws is pet and husband friendly.   Read more →

Things You See On A Dog Walk In Boulder City

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