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Vegas Rock Dog TV

The Sun Never Sets On The Vegas Rock Dog Empire

The Sun Never Sets On The Vegas Rock Dog Empire Ten years ago my husband and I started a rock ‘n’ roll clothing line for hip dogs and humans. It was an exciting time. We drew inspiration from our dog Galaxy and aspired to grow into something big. The Vegas Rock Dog brand did indeed grow into a company selling clothing,… Read more →

Sam ~ The Host of Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Positive News For Animal Welfare From Around The World

We hear so many awful and heartbreaking stories in the news and through social media, that it can be rather depressing. Yet last week was a great week for animals. Each day I like to scour the internet to get a bigger picture of animal welfare around the world. Last week was one that presented many stories that were of… Read more →

Oscar The Victory Dog

Oscar The Vicktory Dog

Meet Oscar The Vicktory dog. Every time Michael Vick’s name pops up in the news I first think of Oscar. Oscar was one of Vick’s fighting dogs and adopted in 2012. Michael Vick is in the news once again and it stirs up the worst of feelings for any animal lover or animal advocate.     Here’s a previous interview on… Read more →

Get Your Yip Balm

Vegas Rock Dog Radio ~ Woof!

Vegas Rock Dog Radio is a rock ‘n’ roll radio show all about PETS + PEOPLE + POP CULTURE. The show is live from Las Vegas every Saturday at 10am PST. Join me as I bring you cool guests, experts, and great advice all in one rockin’ hour.   Read more →

This Is How We Rocked The Ruff For Animal Rescue

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