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A Guide To Cushing’s Disease In Dogs

Show Notes Cushing’s Disease in Dogs: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment Dr Buzby’s Podcast Breaking News! Animal Kingdom Pet Store & Two Suspicious Iowa-Based Rescues Sued For Breaking California Law That Bans Retail Sale Of Dogs From Puppy Mills & Breeders The Benefits of Slippery Elm Purchase Slippery Elm Owl Hot Water Bottle I love Hedgehogs… Read more →

Top 5 Benefits Of Golden Paste For Dogs

Top 5 Benefits Of Golden Paste For Dogs I’m no stranger to the spice turmeric when it comes to cooking, especially curries. It’s one of my favourite spices to use when making Indian dishes. What I didn’t know up to a couple of years ago were the benefits of adding this golden root to both your diet and that of your… Read more →

The Plight of the Havasupai Horses

The Plight of Havasupai Horses

The Plight of Havasupai Horses In this show I’m talking about: The plight of the Havasupai Horses at the Grand Canyon and how you can help. The reintroduction of rare horses back into Mongolia. Stem cell therapy for Bambi the rescue dog. Discerning the difference between animal emotion and behaviour by 4 Paws University. Enjoy the show! Sam, The Queen… Read more →

Vegas Rock Dog Radio ELS Disorder

Does Your Dog Lick Surfaces Excessively?

  Does Your Dog Lick Surfaces Excessively? Does Your Dog Lick Surfaces Excessively? In this show, I talk about the ELS disorder. Often it’s ignored and deemed a normal behaviour. Research is now showing an underlying health issue related to the excessive licking of surfaces. Also in the show, I’m sharing news from around the world including the 5 part… Read more →

Vegas Rock Dog Radio

On Today’s Show ~ Itchy Pets, Cool Pet Businesses, and Facebook Pet Advice

Today on Vegas Rock Dog Radio On this show, I’m discussing why your pets are itching and what you can do to help them, the types of pet businesses you can venture into, and why you should talk to your vet before taking your Facebook friends’ advice. Enjoy the show by the clicking the link below. Join Sam each week as… Read more →

Dr Buzby

Instant Replay Of My Interview with Dr Buzby On Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Here’s the instant replay of my show on Vegas Rock Dog Radio with Dr Buzby. Dr Buzby’s product Toe Grips is getting a lot of traction in the pet world. Listen in and learn why this new product is improving the lives of dogs especially senior dogs. Click here to listen to the show and enjoy.     Read more →

Jim Nelson Founder of Tripawds

Is Your Pet Facing Amputation? The Tripawds Community Is There For You

Instant replay of my show with Jim Nelson of Tripawds. The Tripawd site is a wonderful resource for pet owners facing a pet’s amputation and what they need to do after surgery. Just know that you’re not alone as the tripawd community is ready to embrace you and your tripawd pet. Click here to listen to this episode of Vegas… Read more →

The great poo show, discussing the important pet topic of poo.

Vegas Rock Dog Radio© ~ The Poo Show Instant Replay

The Poo Show was a popular show topic believe it or not. If you missed the live show here’s an instant replay covering everything you need to know about your pet’s poo. Not the nicest of topics but someone had to do it. Click here to listen to The Poo Show Read more →


Get A Doggone Grip!

Get A Doggone Grip! My guest this week on Vegas Rock Dog Radio© is Dr Buzby. She’s known for her product Dr Buzby’s Toe Grips. Find out why pet parents rave about Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips and how they provide relief by covering dog toenails for instant traction. Tune in this Saturday 10am PDT.   Read more →

The Poo Show

The Poo Show

The Poo Show is this Saturday. Everything you need to know about your pet’s poo. Not the nicest of topics but someone has to do it. Join me Saturday July 4th 10am PDT on Vegas Rock Dog Radio.