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Protect Your Pup's Paws This Summer

Protect Your Pup’s Paws This Summer

Protect Your Pup’s Paws This Summer Protect your pup’s paws this Summer by kitting them out with their very own boots. Temperatures are soaring and pavements feel as hot as a griddle. Ever tried running down your driveway to pick up your mail in bare feet? It’s brutal. It’s a lesson learned rather quickly once you’ve seared the skin off… Read more →

Dogs cats and scapegoats

The Cycle Of Breeding To Relinquishment Remains Entrenched In American Society

Dogs, Cats, and Scapegoats The documentary​ Dogs, Cats, and Scapegoats takes a closer look at the multifactorial causes of companion animal homelessness, many of which have become obscured amid the race to adopt and shelter these animals. From shelters to pets in homes, the sociological underpinnings of welfare issues present a unique challenge to the public. Beyond the statistics of… Read more →

liver shunts in pets Vegas Rock Dog Radio

What Does It Mean When Your Pet Has A Liver Shunt?

What Does It Mean When Your Pet Has A Liver Shunt? What causes it and how can you treat it? Listen to the show find out. Also in this show: Hurricane Harvey dog reunited with owner. The best video ever your dog the touch technique. Homemade Flea Treatment The Truth About Cancer LIVE If you want to… Read more →

Stephen Wells executive director of ALDF animal legal defense fund Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Listen Now Guest Stephen Wells Executive Director Animal Legal Defense Fund

Guest Stephen Wells Executive Director Of The Animal Legal Defense Fund Enjoy listening to my show with guest Stephen Wells, Executive Director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s mission is to protect the lives of animals through the legal system. ALDF accomplishes their mission by filing lawsuits to protect animals from harm and by providing… Read more →

Ten Holiday Foods And Plants Harmful To Pets

Ten Holiday Foods And Plants Harmful To Pets

Did You Know The Harm These Holiday Foods And Plants Can Do To Your Pets? Read more →

A Puppy’s New Home

How involved are your kids when it comes to your pets? Have you educated them on responsible pet ownership? My guests on this instant replay show are author AJ Richards and artist Rayah Jaymes who created a series of educational books specifically for children. A Puppy’s New Home is a new book series where AJ and Rayah believe proper education in our communities… Read more →