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Abuse of pack animals at the Grand Canyon Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Ugly Secret At The Grand Canyon

The Ugly Secret At The Grand Canyon The Ugly Secret At The Grand Canyon My guest today is Susan Ash the co-founder of SAVE. SAVE stands for Stop Animal ViolencE. They’re a compassionate and dedicated group of volunteers advocating for the welfare of the pack horses, mules and donkeys on the Havasupai Reservation in the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon… Read more →

Vegas Rock Dog Radio Nosey Elephant

Nosey The Elephant Finally Free

Nosey The Elephant Finally Free Nosey the elephant is finally free from the circus. I wasn’t sure it would ever happen but it has and it’s the best news you’ll hear all week. I’m dubbing this show the good news show, with so many great things to report on. Also in the show, Nosey the elephant is free. http://savenoseynow.org Joan Lockley… Read more →

liver shunts in pets Vegas Rock Dog Radio

What Does It Mean When Your Pet Has A Liver Shunt?

What Does It Mean When Your Pet Has A Liver Shunt? What causes it and how can you treat it? Listen to the show find out. Also in this show: Hurricane Harvey dog reunited with owner. The best video ever www.facebook.com/DodoImpact/videos/1855616954455389/Teach your dog the touch technique. www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWSJVwZybwo Homemade Flea Treatment www.healthy-holistic-living.com/homemade-flea-powder.html The Truth About Cancer LIVE https://thetruthaboutcancerlive.com/2017-event-pets If you want… Read more →

The Plight of the Havasupai Horses

The Plight of Havasupai Horses

The Plight of Havasupai Horses In this show I’m talking about: The plight of the Havasupai Horses at the Grand Canyon and how you can help. The reintroduction of rare horses back into Mongolia. Stem cell therapy for Bambi the rescue dog. Discerning the difference between animal emotion and behaviour by 4 Paws University. Enjoy the show! Sam, The Queen… Read more →

Does your dog need probiotics?

Does Your Dog Need Probiotics?

    Does Your Dog Need Probiotics? Does Your Dog Need Probiotics? It’s a question many people have. In this show I’m covering the why, what, and how of probiotics for your dog. Dr. Jean Dodds https://tinyurl.com/ycop8nhz Dogs Naturally https://tinyurl.com/y9quqq9y Alabama Rot Another topic in this show is the dreaded Alabama Rot. New cases have popped up in the UK.… Read more →

Trust me I'm a raw feeder, Kimberly Morris Gauthier, vegas rockdog radio

Trust Me, I’m A Raw Feeder By Kimberly Morris Gauthier

   Trust Me, I’m A Raw Feeder I’m sure many of you have seen the BBC Scotland video about Trust Me, I’m A Vet. In the video a veterinarian says she hopes raw feeding is simply a fad. Frankly, I was stunned at such a poorly put together piece and the glaring lack of information. It annoyed me. I felt it was… Read more →

Dogs On The Streets Of London

My guest this week is Michelle Clark, founder of Dogs On The Streets of London. DOTS London is an independent project run by volunteers covering the Borough of Westminster, Camden, Shoreditch, East and parts of North London. Michelle was the first to provide dog essentials to homeless people living on the streets of London. This was very much needed and appreciated from… Read more →

Cancer Sniffing Dogs 

My guest on Vegas Rock Dog Radio this week was Dina Zaphiris, Founder and CEO of In Situ Foundation.In Situ Foundation, a 501(c)3, has been dedicated to scientifically training dogs to detect early-stage cancer in humans for over 12 years. They are the leading experts in the field of training cancer detection dogs and were among the first to participate in published research, setting… Read more →

Sam kissing a cute puppy

A Magical Day At Santa Paws

A Magical Day At Santa Paws A magical day at Santa Paws ~ Let me tell you about Santa Paws! Can you believe how cute this little peanut is all bundled up in a festive sweater? Well, he was one of many dogs who attended the Santa Paws event at the Magical Forest in Las Vegas. What is Santa Paws you… Read more →

Don’t Be Pet FOOleD

My special guest in this show is Kohl Harrington, Director of Pet Fooled. Pet Fooled is a documentary exploring the underbelly of the pet food industry. As a business that is largely unregulated, and controlled by a conglomerate of companies, this film will take an inside look at whether the nutrition we feed our pets is actually good for them. After… Read more →

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