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How Oils Can Benefit Your Pets

How Oils Can Benefit Your Pets How Oils Can Benefit Your Pets. There are many oils you can add to your pet’s diet to improve their overall health and well-being. In this show, I’m breaking down four types of oils and the benefits they provide for our furry family members. Enjoy the show! Olive Oil 4 Ways a Tablespoon of… Read more →

Erin Urano bunny lady of Vegas

Erin Urano Founder Of Rusty and Furriends

Erin Urano Founder Of Rusty and Furriends Erin Urano Founder of Rusty and Furriends My guest today is Erin Urano founder of Rusty and Furriends bunny rescue. We discuss the dumping of bunnies at the Vegas Dump Site and the resulting problems of people dumping rabbits. We’re covering bunny basics for anyone interested in adopting a bunny, bunny adoption success… Read more →

Pawsonalised greeting cards the rock n roll dog paw prints

Pawsonalised Greeting Cards

Pawsonalised Greeting Cards How many times have you pawsonalised your greeting cards and signed them from your pets by drawing their paw prints? I’ve been doing it for years and even though I have done it for years I wouldn’t say my drawings are by any means Picasso level art…or should I say Pawcasso? So, this year I’m upping my game.… Read more →

Stranger things stranger dogs chewing things Netflix movie gift Christmas

Stranger Things Leads To Stranger Dogs

Stranger Things Leads To Stranger Dogs I have yet to meet one person who didn’t love the hit show on Netflix called Stranger Things. It’s a show reminiscent of the 80’s with an ET meets The Goonies vibe. It’s a binge watch until you drop type of show. Now, with any hit show or movie, you can expect a line of… Read more →

Pet House Candle review

Deliciously Smelling Pet House Candles

Deliciously Smelling Pet House Candles Last week I attended Superzoo one of the biggest pet industry shows in the country. It took three days to get around 2,500 booths! Out of all those booths, I found some pet products that I think you’ll really like. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing all of my Superzoo favourites with… Read more →

July 4th Tips For Fearful Pets

July 4th Tips For Fearful Pets July 4th is a big celebration but is it a celebration for your pets? In this show, I share tips on how to make July 4th not so scary for fearful pets. I’m also talking about the research done by Temple Grandin on the fear in animals. Mary Temple Grandin (born August 29, 1947) is… Read more →

Fun Gifts For Your Petriotic Pets

Fun Gifts For Your Petriotic Pets

Fun Gifts For Your Petriotic Pets Independence Day is just around the corner, and for most people, it’s a time to celebrate with family, friends, and their pets. It’s not uncommon to see pets adorned in stars and stripes and the patriotic colours of red, white, and blue. If your pet wants to be a Yankee Poodle Dandy on this… Read more →

Jim walking Galaxy and Thornton pet travel

My Top Pet Travel Products Making Travel More Pleasant 

My Top Pet Travel Products Making Travel More Pleasant Are you thinking of traveling with your pet this year? I certainly am. This year I’m planning a beach vacation for the dogs in San Diego. My husband and I will travel by car with the dogs for this particular trip. I like to be well prepared for the dogs when… Read more →

Crash Test Approved Pet Carriers And Harnesses

Travelling with your pets can be quite stressful. You’re responsible for yourself and your pet’s well-being. It’s one of those things where pets can get quite nervous about travelling especially if it’s their first time. My husband and I travel a lot with our dogs so we’ve become seasoned pros. I would say the most important thing that we ever… Read more →

Don’t Be Pet FOOleD

My special guest in this show is Kohl Harrington, Director of Pet Fooled. Pet Fooled is a documentary exploring the underbelly of the pet food industry. As a business that is largely unregulated, and controlled by a conglomerate of companies, this film will take an inside look at whether the nutrition we feed our pets is actually good for them. After… Read more →

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