Save The Heartache Of Losing Your Pet

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Pet loss prevention month

Save Yourself The Heartache Of Losing Your Pet

The heartache of losing a pet is not something you want to ever experience.

According to PetHub

  • One in every three pets will go missing at some point in their life
  • Less than 20% of dogs and 2% of cats that go missing will ever return home
  • Only ½ of the 6 to 8 million companion animals in shelters leave to rejoin their original families or placed with a new “forever” family (the other 50% are euthanized because of lack of space – something no one wants, especially not the people tasked with that horrible responsibility)

I’m sure you’re horrified reading this. So what can you do to make sure your pets do not end up as a statistic?

We have what we call doggy protocols to keep our three dogs safe. We stick to them almost in a militaristic way to avoid any mistakes. Once we got into a routine it was easy and the payoff so worth the effort.

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It so happens that this month is Lost Pet Prevention Month. It’s a time to focus on pet safety and share tips to help pet parents. So based on my doggy protocols I’d like to share pet safety tips you can carry out today. They’re inexpensive and easy to do, so let’s get started.

Register Your Microchip

Microchips increase the chances of reuniting with your pet. However, many pet parents are unaware that once implanted YOU must register the chip. Do not assume the chip was registered. Most veterinarian offices offer this service and shelters often run specials as low as free to chip your pet. Take note, some microchip services charge a yearly fee to keep the chip active while others do not. Once you’ve registered the chip, add a recurring appointment in your calendar reminding you to go online and update your info each year.

Pet Tags

Your pet needs an identification tag, period. Tags come in all shapes, sizes, and designs and hold vital information. Whenever your information changes get a new tag.

Write your pet's info on it's collar if the tag falls off. save the heartache of a lost pet

Lost Tag

If your pet’s tag falls off write your contact info on the collar. Do this immediately until you get a new tag.

Currently, PetHub is offering a free basic tag, just pay for shipping and handling. Head on ever to get yours while stocks last. That’s not all animal lovers get in on the Lost Pet Prevention Month Where’s Wag? contest.

Free basic PetHub tag


GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker and an app can quickly reunite you with your pet. The early trackers were so bulky but these days they’re considerably smaller in design. New technology allows you to track and recover your missing pet as soon as possible.


Far too many pets escape because a gate was left open by a service person or the wind blew it open. Spend a couple of dollars and padlock your gate.

Padlock gates to keep pets safe

Doggy Doors and Cat Flaps

Lock doggy doors during thunderstorms and fireworks.

Lock doggy doors and cat flats during fireworks and thunderstorms save the heartache of a lost pet


Train your dog to have a strong recall. Should your pet run off a strong recall can save his life.

Train a good recall for your dog


Secure your fences and repair any damage that may give an escape route for your pets. Fill in holes under fences with large rocks and then cover.

Secure fences to prevent pets from escaping

Garage Doors

Always wait for the garage door to come down before entering your home through the garage. It’s too easy for your excited pet to slip through your legs and run into the street.

Love Them and Protect Them

Part of loving your pet is taking the necessary steps to make sure they’re safe. Excuses can lead to mistakes and mistakes lead to lost pets. Take the time to follow these steps and save yourself the heartache of a lost pet.


~ Sam The Queen of Rock n Roll Dogs

Sam the queen of rock n roll dogs


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